Unisex CollectionTiger's Eye and Turquoise Unisex Bracelet

Unisex gemstone stretch bracelet with semiprecious Tiger's Eye and turquoise beads.
  • 6mm genuine Tiger's Eye gemstone beads
  • 5x8mm turquoise tube beads
  • 5x6mm silver barrel beads
  • Bonded stretch elastic for durability

Positive Energy/Healing:

Tiger's Eye is popular with Yoga practitioners as it is a calming stone, helping the mind to still and focus. It also creates harmony in the life of the wearer.

Tiger's Eye makes an excellent healing stone for those who want to increase clarity and focus. It gives strength and restores balance. It is believed to ease doubt and help with decision making. This stone is especially helpful of you are feeling drained, overwhelmed or unfocused.

Each piece is handmade in Connecticut with love by a cancer warrior mom. using the finest materials.  Every gemstone is unique which makes every bracelet totally individual to you!

10% of proceeds from this sale will be donated to help kick cancer beautifully!

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