Summer Citrine Bracelets

Stunning Citrine, Amazonite and Jasper gemstones make this bracelet duo packed with positive energy.  The charm is a Tiger's Eye.  

8mmx6mm Amazonite gemstones

8mm Jasper gemstones

Multi-sized Citrine gemstones

10mm Tiger's Eye gemstone

Bronze spacer beads

Positive Energy

Citrine: a golden quartz with warming, energizing and life-giving properties.  It awakens creativity and imagination.  

Amazonite: a beautiful soft blue/turquoise stone that calms the soul.  This stone is known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth. 

Jasper: enables the wearer to be more at one with nature and aware of the physical self.  

Tiger's Eye: a stone of protection that is grounding for the wearer and offers a stabilizing effect.