Awareness Collection- Butterfly Bracelet - Childhood Cancer Awareness

This bracelet can be worn for any occasion but will benefit Children's Cancer Handmade with 6mm and 8mm champagne faceted glass beads - each bracelet is slightly different to make yours totally unique.

This bracelet has a gold butterfly ribbon. The butterfly symbolizes the delicate strength of child cancer warriors.

Bonded stretch elastic for added durability

This bracelet measures 7.2 inches approx.  Please let me know if you would like me to alter the size for you.  

Wear this gold stretch bracelet in support of someone, give as a gift to someone fighting or in need of support, or wear it just to raise awareness.


Each piece is handmade in Connecticut with love by a cancer warrior mom. using the finest materials.  

10% of proceeds from this sale will be donated to help fight childhood cancer.


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