Zen Collection - Lotus Flower Gemstone Bracelet

Stunning colors reminiscent of spring make this Amazonite bracelet simply stunning.  The delicate lotus flower charm adds a touch of Zen to the look.  

Amazonite is a stone known for being calming and soothing.  It allows you to let go of sadness and grief.  It works well on both your brain and nervous system. The positive energies of Amazonite help you let go of the stagnant parts of life and  move forward with renewed energy.  

If you are wishing to become healthier, Amazonite helps to regulate the metabolism and is known to kick start the fat burning process. It is also said to relieve menstrual cramps.  

  • Amazonite gemstone stretch bracelet
  • Silver Lotus Flower Charm 
  • 8mm Amazonite gemstone beads
  • Bonded stretch elastic is used for extra strength.

This bracelet measures 7.5 inches approx.  Please let me know if you prefer a different size. 


Each piece is handmade in Connecticut with love by a cancer warrior mom. using the finest materials.  Every gemstone is unique which makes every bracelet totally individual to you!

10% of proceeds from this sale will be donated to help fight childhood cancer.

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