Butterfly Amazonite Bracelets

8mm Amazonite gemstone bracelet pair
7.5 inches approx. 
Bracelet 1: 6mm copper bead and antique bronze butterfly charm
Bracelet 2: 6mm copper bead
Perfect for stacking!

Positive Energy:

Amazonite is a stone known for being calming and soothing.  It allows the wearer to let go of sadness and grief.  It works well on both the brain and the nervous system.  The positive energies of Amazonite help the wearer let go of the stagnant parts of life and allows one to move forward with renewed energy.  

For those wishing to become healthier, Amazonite helps to regulate the metabolism and is known to kick start the fat burning process...a plus for dieters.  It is also said to relieve menstrual cramps.  

 Amazonite allows the wearer to spread their wings and soar in life: it cleanses the spirit and dispels negativity and anything holding one back.  

Handmade in Connecticut with love.