About Butterfly Warriors

Catherine Lily


Butterfly Warriors Jewelry was born as a way for founder Katy Zweig to focus on the positive elements of life.  Inspired by her son, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of five, she began to look for ways to ease his pain, strengthen his body, and maintain her own sanity. Maintaining a focus on healthy living, mindful exercise, and the power and positive elements of gemstones and color in the handcrafted jewelry helped make this unimaginable situation more tolerable.

Katy began making simple “leukemia awareness” bracelets and sold them to raise funds to fight the childhood cancer and leukemia via The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  They became so popular that she created a website with a whole range of “awareness” jewelry for sale. The name, Butterfly Warriors, came from the fact that the children fighting cancer were so beautiful, delicate and fragile, like a butterfly, yet stronger warriors than anyone could imagine.

Customers started asking Butterfly Warriors Jewelry for custom pieces that were not related to cancer or illness, but held the same positive energy.    This new line of jewelry held the same intent of customers' well-being, often using gemstones selected for their healing and positive energy properties.  Thus began the journey into the wonderful world of gemstones.  Each stone is selected for its unique properties that add positive elements; enriching the mind, body and soul. The power of color also plays an important role in the handcrafted designs.

Butterfly Warriors Jewelry believes in living a positive life beautifully.  Each piece is handcrafted to inspire positivity and wellness in a beautiful way.  The designs work wonderfully worn both alone, or stacked with other inspirational pieces from jewelry collections.  

Butterfly Warriors Jewelry make the perfect gift - bringing happiness to family and friends though positive sentiments in beautiful jewelry.  

Katy is very happy to share that her son, Superman Sammy, is now a happy and healthy survivor.  

Located in Connecticut, Butterfly Warriors Jewelry has a following on Etsy and at local craft fairs.  The designs are also featured in local shops such as The Loft Salon and Spa in Stamford.