Show Support for Fibromyalgia

April 30, 2017

Show Support for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease close to my heart:  I have been diagnosed with it!  I live with the daily pain, tenderness and fatigue.  My spirits are generally good, but I feel so sad when people dismiss my suffering as being all in my mind, or due to stress that will go away in a few days...basically, they want me to stop complaining. 

To help support those fighting Fibromyalgia, I created Awareness Bracelets designed with Positive Energies in mind.  Amethyst is such a versatile and healing stone.  It detoxifies the body and has been used throughout history to treat sleep disorders and pain....just what I need!  Purple also happens to be the color of Fibromyalgia.  

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Fibromyalgia Bracelets Never give up

Fibromyalgia is not a well known disease, yet it is gaining notoriety as the symptoms and treatments are being researched more and more by the medical world.  Up until recently, Fibromyalgia was not even recognized as an actual illness; it was labeled a mental issue by many and treated as something the sufferer brought on themselves.  

Thankfully, the medical world had educated themselves on this destructive disease. Fibromyalgia is now formally recognized as a common and chronic disorder that physically affects the sufferer.  Symptoms include chronic pain that can affect any area of the body at any time, diffuse tenderness, brain fog, and fatigue.   There are a great many other issues that individuals face, and that has made it even harder for doctors to pinpoint the best treatment.  

To learn more about Fibromyalgia, check out The Mayo Clinic.  

Support Fibromyalgia Warriors by purchasing a bracelet today, and reap the fashion benefits immediately.

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