One Year Anniversary - Time to Train for the NYC Half Marathon...again!

February 24, 2022

butterfly warriors running nyc half marathon for team in training wearing Superman Sammy badge

Today marks the one year anniversary since I slipped on ice and broke 11 bones in my leg and ankle.  I was a busy teacher, running into work, and didn't see the black ice just waiting for my heavy-duty winter boot to hit it.  

a-ray of broken leg with hardware

But that was a year ago and, thankfully, I am on the mend and very anxious to get back to my pre-Covid/broken leg weight and activity.  Okay, I am seriously overweight now.  Waaaaay too heavy to start training for a half-marathon on a mostly recovered leg...but I have such a strong (and painful) incentive to run the NYC half next husband has been diagnosed with blood cancer, a different form of leukemia than my son, Sam.  Brian's is incurable, so I want to run in honor of them.  

Brian and Sam both Leukemia Warriors

I have decided that this blog will track my attempt to get fit and healthy, working on strengthening my leg and ankle, as well as losing some of the excess blubber, and show my progress...or at least hold myself accountable to others.  I will need to adjust regular plans to allow for the fact I suffer from Fibromyalgia and CFS.  Add to that a pair of crappy hips, the aforementioned recovering fractures, and then shake off the worries and get started.   

I will share the successes and the massive failures I'm sure will happen over time.  I have about a year to do this...and I will be running with Team in training as part of my annual Leukemia and Lymphoma  Society fundraising.  

First things first: 

1. Get a crazy dog who will need lots of walks - check :)  Her name is Bella and she a rescue pup (half german shepherd, the rest is a mix of retriever, husky and poodle!) 

2. Decide to ditch the chocolate ice cream PINT I indulge in several times a week! 

3. Modify the wine intake...not that I overindulge, but I do like a glass of red now and then.  

4. Dig out my workout gear - yoga pants have been my staple daily wear, so that won't take long.  

5. Make a plan...a "baby-steps" kinda plan that isn't too scary, but one that will keep me on track.  I'll add a post about that once it's done....promise!  

I have run this race before...pre-Covid and leg break.  It is cold and the hill at the end in Central Park is a doozy!  So I know what I'm in for.  I can plan for the hard parts and look forward to some truly spectacular views as I run for my husband and son.  

Running NYC half Marathon for Team in Training

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