Lifestyle Designer - Eating Clean

February 18, 2017

Lifestyle Designer - Eating Clean

When I was at college, I remember a good friend decided to treat her body ‘like a temple’.  I liked the idea, but my young, supple, somewhat healthy body felt just fine and I really didn’t want to put in too much effort beyond the bi-monthly aerobics class for fun and the occasional salad.  I was happy, healthy and felt like the world was mine for the taking….kinda. 

Now I am not in college; those years being far too long ago for my liking, I find myself needing to treat my body a lot kinder.  That ‘temple’ idea seems to work for me now. 

 I am not much of a dieter.  The second I decide to diet, I get fatter.  I tend to go all out to eliminate everything and then, after some progress, screw it all up with a binge that lasts more than long enough to double my loss.  Massive fail! 

I prefer to think of myself as a lifestyle designer.  I change my habits gradually and allow for a less strict version of whichever ‘fad’ I feel might work, so that I stand a chance of sticking to it. I love eating clean…well, I love junk, but my ‘temple’ does much better when I eliminate it. 

Organic food is my go-to.  I will only buy organic fruits and vegetables, and as much meat as possible.  Veggies and fruits that have skins to peel can be non-organic providing they are not part of the ‘dirty 30’.  I don’t have organic butternut squash, yet I live on the stuff.  It goes into all my soups and I love roasting it too.  Same with sweet potatoes, although they do have to be organic as I eat the skin.  One evening I actually drained the bottom of my soup and used all the ‘bits’ to accompany my sweet potato which I gently cover in Gee. 




My desire to live clean began before even getting pregnant with my boys.  I prefer clean cleaning to chemical cleaning, I made sure my children were exposed to as little ‘yucky’ stuff as possible. I worked hard to ensure they would be as healthy as possible.  We all know that didn’t work out as planned, but I know childhood leukemia is not necessarily related to environmental factors so nothing I could have done would have prevented it. Sometimes life just throws us curveballs. 


Yet my goal to live a positive life with clean eating and healthy choices remains one of the most important aspects of my life. 


What do you do to live a positive life? 

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