Amethyst - The Protection Stone

March 28, 2017

Amethyst - The Protection Stone

amethyst bracelet  fibromyalgia Lupus

Amethyst is a truly wonderful stone with the power to protect the wearer.  In fact it is one of my favorites and my most popular bracelet is created with Amethyst.  It is a derivative of quartz and the purple color can vary from very light and transparent, to deep, dark, rich purple.  The wearer can be assured of enhanced clarity and spiritual growth.  It is often worn for its powers of protection.

The protective qualities of this beautiful purple stone attract positive energies and repels negative energy.  As a sufferer from Fibromyalgia, I wear Amethyst to help reduce swelling and inflammation in my body.  It has the ability to calm my body and reduce stress and anxiety.  I suffer from insomnia and frequent nightmares…when I do sleep…so I recently learned that by placing Amethyst under my pillow, my sleep would be much more restorative.  Purple is, in fact, the color associated with diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  Many of my bracelets have sold as awareness or support bracelets for those suffering through these illnesses.

It has been said that Amethyst can help the wearer fight addiction and protect themselves against the negative energy associated with it.  Alternative medicine has included the use of Amethyst in controlling addictions to drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, sex, and many other afflictions.  Historically, goblets were made out of Amethyst as a way to prevent the drinker from becoming intoxicated.

Amethyst apparently has increased powers for those born in February, as it is the birthstone of the month of love!  I’m not wholly convinced of this, as the stone was selected for February, a unit of time created by humans.  Never the less, I am a true fan of this amazing positive energy stone.

Never never give up amethyst bracelets - lupus and fibromylagia

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