Hello Monday!

January 04, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday: Back to school!  

It's back to work for me....I teach 21 lovely 4th graders in a quiet suburb outside NYC.  I commute from Connecticut which is a pain but not totally impossible.  I head in to school today with the knowledge that my kids will be eager to share their holiday adventures with me.  But what will I share with them?

Hello determination...to master the art of using my DSLR properly (Remaining open to continuous learning)

Photography lessons


Hello to finally getting my Yoga on after saying I will for a year!  (Persistence)

Yes, I'm taking on this challenge.  Click the picture of you want to take the challenge too! 

Hello to making family plans to travel and learn about new places and people. (Gather information through all senses)

globe traveling around the world


I hope to show my kids how I apply the Habits of Mind (HOM) that they learn about in school to my own life...

Hello newly cleaned living room (minus all the Christmas decor).

Hello back to grading, diving, shuttling of kids and other regular things one must do...routine is good right?

Hello Zumba...maybe...let's see how the yoga goes.  

Hello to you...a new visitor to this brand new blog...

What are you saying hello to this week? 

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