Happy New Year! Goal Setting for 2016

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Goal Setting for 2016


New year resolutions 2016

As 2015 come to a close, I want to reflect on some of my accomplishments/fails.  It is good to take stock every now and again, and the new year seems as good a time as any to clean house and take stock.


  • I continue to have two amazing children who make me proud of them every day. (They are a pre-teen and a teenager so this is a major accomplishment!)
  • I have really done well with my fundraising Etsy shop, Butterfly Warriors Jewelry, and can proudly say I have donated hundreds of dollars to CureSearch and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  • I cut my hair short and loved it! 
  • I invested in a new DSLR camera and improved some of my photography skills -  more on that later
  • My hubby and I celebrated sixteen years together
  • I traveled to England and had an amazing time with my Mum.  We had a week in Wales, my favorite place of all, and enjoyed some much needed time together.  
  • My youngest son celebrated 6 years clear of cancer!  
  • My designs evolved and I began a whole new line which became known as Catherine Lily Designs!
  • I joined an amazing FB ground called Social Jewels and gained friends and lots of great knowledge
  • My friend introduced me to Pema Chodron
  • I am still here! 

Fails (otherwise known as My Booboos):

  • I did not lose the extra weight I gained from damaging my hip - in fact I have now gained a total of 30 pounds!  
  • I did not start Yoga as planned...although I did go once...so points for that!
  • I did not change my terrible eating habits at all...
  • I did not go to Physical Therapy consistently enough to actually heal my bad hip!
  • I worked out once...and did yoga once...so that equals a staggering two times in one year!!!! I'd better rest a little. 
  • I still have not read the user manual for my new DSLR camera that I invested in to improve the quality of my photos and so now I rely mostly on my iPhone and Snapseed to edit!  

Goals for 2016:

I thought I'd add these in this post and expand on them in my next few posts.  I'm actually very excited about them. 

  • I will learn photography - you know, with an actual class! (I might even add editing too as it is sooooo important even with the fancy schmancy DSLR!
  • I will follow the Whole 30 to get my eating habits back on track and give my bulging body a chance to feel normal again
  • I will develop Catherine Lily Designs and get the website to my liking
  • I plan to become more social on social media
  • I would like to become more organized with my jewelry supplies
  • I WILL begin Yoga and some other form of exercise 
  • I WILL drink more water
  • I will learn metal stamping and use it to enhance my jewelry and make it totally unique
  • I will become more mindful of all that I have and thankful for the happiness my life possesses

All in all I hope to work on these things and MUST work on anything health related. I will keep you all updated as the year progresses.  What are your goals for the upcoming year?  

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