Christmas Cheer and Gift Giving

December 28, 2015

Christmas Cheer and Gift Giving

I love Christmas.  I love the sights sounds and smells.  I love the coziness of the lit tree sparking next to a roaring fire.  I love the excitement bubbling just under the surface (and sometimes in full view) of my children, Peanut and Button.  I love the whole jolly kit and caboodle!  When I hit the play button on Pandora, my channel is set to traditional Christmas songs.  A mixture of carols and Bing Crosby float over the airways.  What I don't enjoy is figuring out the best gifts to get everyone.  

Shopping for loved ones is made harder by the bombardment of advertisements offering the latest and greatest STUFF that everyone MUST HAVE!  No!  They do not need that....No! They will not melt into a puddle of water if they do not get the 'cool toy' this year.  No!  I am not spending that ridiculous amount of money on an item that will be enjoyed for five minutes at the most.  Now I sound like the Grinch!  

I am working on teaching my sons to give gifts from the heart.  Button, my youngest, loves to dig up rocks and break them open looking for semi-precious gems.  He has not found much of high value but I did see some beautiful quartz and asked him if I could buy it to use in my jewelry (he is working with friends on a little rock business), and then he had the idea of finding some to give as gifts after experimenting with some wire wrapping for pendants.  I can't wait to see what he does with it.  


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