2020 and 2021 - They Were Not Fun At All!

January 01, 2022

2020 and 2021 - They Were Not Fun At All!

I have to admit that the years 2020 and 2021, have been the most terrible years yet...even worse than the year my lovely Sam was diagnosed with leukemia.  That is a HUGE statement!  The store had to take a backseat as my family battled some very serious health issues that spanned the entire two years.  

January 2020 started with a car crash.  My beautiful niece was rushed to the ER with multiple broken bones, a big hole in her skull, and almost at death's door.  Her two year old son did not make it.  He gained his angel wings at the scene of the accident.  The "Cariad" bracelet sets  featured in the store over 2020 were designed to raise money for her continuing care.  Cariad is Welsh for Love! My darling niece passed away in 2021, having fought for her life. Our family is devastated.  

A world-wide pandemic then hit and we all had to pivot to working and living in the safety of our own homes.  You all know that story!  My high school senior lost the usual ending to any high school experience, but also learned that he has serious lung disease and has to be extra careful with Covid!

My other son, the survivor, has battled the demons that survivorship can summon and continues to suffer from anxiety and depression.  He also appears to be resistant to anti-anxiety medications as about 30% of patients can be.  

During the time we were all locked down and trying to be safe, my husband was diagnosed with CLL - a type of leukemia!!! Apparently, this is not related at all to Sam's 'ALL' leukemia and it is sheer bad luck that two of my family members have the same cancer.  

Back at school, hoping to stay safe, along with the added stress of all my family and their issues,  I have a blown retina and end up in the ER being diagnosed with very high blood pressure.  I can't imagine why!!!  I am put on medication and told to follow a low sodium diet.  It's now 2022 and I still have high blood pressure - it must be stress!  

Jack began his first year at university - living in dorms but not experiencing any of the usual social life a college freshman gets to enjoy.  In typical 2020 style, I get a call from him screaming in agony as his lower back had a herniated disc. He was taken to the ER and I spent the following long weekend trying to avoid Covid while running around helping him from a distance, not being allowed in either the ER or the dorm.  

The year had to end with a bang and I learned that my brother and his entire family (4 boys) all had Covid!  They are back home in England so I could not get over to help them out - very frustrating.  

During early 2021 I was diagnosed with GERD and prescribed a medicine that is most common and has very few side effects.  Low an behold, I am one of the very rare cases that develop serious hives all over one's body.  Yep!  I was covered head to toe with the worst itching and redness you can imagine. This led me into February and the next big disaster occured. 

I was walking into school once winter morning, minding my own business, when I slipped on black ice and broke eleven bones in my ankle and lower leg!!!  You just cannot make this stuff up!  I spent a week in hospital and then many months recovering and doing physical therapy.  I now have a titanium rod down the shaft of my tibia and plates and screws all over my ankle and lower leg.  

As 2021 continued, my oldest son, decided he really couldn't go back to school having basically flunked out with the disaster that Covid left in its wake.  He later developed severe anxiety disorder and is currently experiencing 2-5 anxiety attacks each day.  

Hubby progressed from stage 0 to stage 1 of his CLL.  That means he continues to watch and wait, getting checked for developing cancer every three months.  It's so nerve wracking, and the added danger Covid represents is a nightmare.  

Aaaaannnnd...I still have Fibromyalgia which is its own demon!  

So my jewelry has had to take a back seat.  I've made new items and sold plenty, but I have not been able to interact with customers, learn their stories, or make the wonderful friendships I have come to appreciate through my shop. I truly hope 2022 will be a better year for everyone, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I hope the world gets a chance to heal a little and small businesses like myself can get back to doing what we love.  

I will continue to look forward, generating as much positivity and support for others as I can.  Love is strong and we will overcome.



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